Pioneer DJ DJS-1000


The Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 is a professional performance stand-alone DJ sampler in CDJ-NXS format. This robust DJ sampler has an intuitive and DJ-friendly user interface with which you can create unique sounds, phrases, loops or sequences when preparing a DJ set or on the fly.

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Step Sequencer
The 16x large multi-colour step input keys make it easy to arrange new grooves, and the changing key colours make it easy to keep an eye on sequencer information for all tracks.

Multi-Coloured Performance Pads
16x large rubber pads give you the possibility to trigger tracks to which you have assigned loops and samples. Each performance pad offers multi-coloured illumination and is also touch-sensitive. Accordingly, the volume can be varied according to the intensity of the keystroke.

Touch Strip
By means of a touch-sensitive strip you are able to change the pitch when using the pitch function. The repeat mode creates the prerequisite for playing drum rolls. By adjusting the parameters you can expand your creative possibilities.

7″ Full-Colour Touch Screen
The DJS-1000’s touch screen provides instant access to the home screen, sequence screen or mixer screen.

Home screen: Here you get all information about the assigned samples.
Sequence screen: The current sequence pattern is displayed here.
Mixer screen: Here you can adjust the volume for each track.

Accurate Synchronization with Various External Devices & Systems
The DJS-1000 features beat sync and clock synchronization with MIDI devices so you can sync your performance to a running track on a CDJ-2000NXS2 or XDJ-1000MK2 via PRO DJ LINK. If you want to change the beat position manually, a tempo slider and nudge keys are available.

Live Sampling
The Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 can sample any input signals. These samples are automatically synchronized to the current sequence and can be used immediately as individual tracks in a live remix.


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